I Want To Be An Ambassador!

I Want To Be An Ambassador! Camp

Dates: June 13 – June 21, 2017
Time: 9:00 am – 3:30 pm (excluding weekends)
Location: Heinz History Center and various locations in Washington DC
Duration: 7 days
Target Audience: Rising 8th-12th graders
Tuition: $895.00 ($875.00, if application is submitted or postmarked before May 1, 2017) Tuition is not refundable.

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A Terrific Springboard to Volunteer And Senior Projects

Thanks to new technology, the world is becoming a smaller place… and yet, with all the ways we can communicate, conflict and power struggles continue to escalate. How can we prepare our teenagers to come together, get along and work to solve the world’s problems? By teaching them the skills of an Ambassador!

I Want to be an Ambassador! is a seven-day summer camp designed to help teens master the skill sets and character traits of a successful Ambassador… especially the vital art of diplomacy. This camp will enrich any teenage student aspiring to work in the foreign service– but the I Want to be an Ambassador! camp is so much more, with invaluable lessons for all teens!

It is the only summer camp of its kind in Western Pennsylvania, making it a unique and significant offering to help youth develop the life skills crucial to success. Just as an ambassador must display behaviors and attitudes which respectfully represent our country and solve world challenges, campers will learn to effectively represent their families, schools, and communities—and start solving problems at a grass-roots level.

Includes a dynamic and interactive blend of exercises, helping campers acquire the tools to negotiate, resolve conflicts, communicate effectively to facilitate mutually positive outcomes in everyday challenges. Camp curriculum has been carefully developed with expert input from professional educators and topic specialists to broaden minds and encourage innovative thinking.

The I Want to be an Ambassador! experience emphasizes problem-solving by considering multiple viewpoints, and encourages the campers to further engage in more diverse activities and academic pursuits—which in turn will inspire a “ripple effect” of positive change around them! 


  • Dynamic round-table discussions with local and national CEOs!
  • Activity-based exercises that specialize on conflict resolution, public speaking and history of diplomacy!
  • Cultural field trips
  • Exciting guest speakers
  • Introduction to foreign languages with different writing systems
  • Two-day Washington, D.C. excursion to experience how Ambassadors work together to improve our world!

If we could see different perspectives, if we could whet our taste for the distinctive flavors of world cultures, if we could hear the problems of the world through the ears of many different people… then perhaps we can be ambassadors for peace and progress. The I Want to be an Ambassador! summer camp is a vital first step for students ready to reach for those inspiring goals. The world is the limit!

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