Teens learn the vital art of diplomacy


Master the skills and character traits of successful Ambassadors

Thanks to new technology, the world is becoming a smaller place… and yet, with all the ways we can communicate, conflict and power struggles continue to escalate. How can we prepare our teenagers to come together and work to solve the world’s problems? By teaching them the skills of an Ambassador!

I Want to be an Ambassador! is a seven-day summer camp designed to help teens master the skills of a successful Ambassador… especially the vital art of diplomacy. The I Want to be an Ambassador! camp is unlike any other program in the region due to its innovative and progressive curriculum that offers invaluable lessons for all teens to apply what they learn immediately in their daily lives.

It is the only summer camp of its kind in Western Pennsylvania, making it a unique and significant offering to help youth develop the life skills crucial to success. Like stepping into a history book while history is being made, campers learn about different cultures, talk with government and business leaders, meet fact-to-face with diplomats, and sit down together to share delicious meals and discuss the rapid progression of current events.

Just as an ambassador must display behaviors and attitudes which respectfully represent our country and solve world challenges, campers will learn to effectively represent their families, schools, and communities—and start solving problems at a grass-roots level.

About the Director
Debbi Casini Klein was the executive producer for the award-winning TV talk-show “Pittsburgh’s Talking.” She has written and produced television shows on the local and national level and has won many Emmy awards for her work. Deb's commitment to community service continues in her newly elected role as a member of the Churchill Borough Council. She and her husband were married in the Fiji islands followed by a 3-month trip around the world, inspiring her passion for world culture and diplomacy. The experience prompted her to add freelance travel agent to her repertoire for many years. As a lover of food and a variety of cuisines, Deb helped create and lead several food tours in and around Pittsburgh. Deb loves working with students of all ages and is a mom to two children.