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LUMINARI is made possible through the generous support of our Partners and Donor Patrons. If you believe in our mission to broaden minds, inspire innovation and promote community engagement in the Pittsburgh region, then help us grow! We believe that every dollar makes a difference.

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What our sponsors and partners are saying about Luminari:

“My colleagues and I believe that finanacial literacy is critical to the well-being of individuals and families through every stage of life. We also recognize that the earlier the concepts of saving and investment are introduced to our youth, the more likely they will be financially independent and successful once they head out into the real world. At BPU we share Luminari’s commitment to providing young people with experience and knowledge they will benefit from throughout their lives.”

– Paul Brahim, CFP®, CEO and Board Chair, BPU Investment Management, Inc.

“For over 30 years, SLB has stressed the importance of curiosity, mutual understanding and empathy as we encourage children and adults to interact with one another civilly and authentically. We’re thrilled to work with Luminari in applying these and other principles on an international level.”

– Larry Berger, Executive Director, Saturday Light Brigade, Inc.