Teens gain skills and confidence in the kitchen


A mouth-watering camp to inspire budding culinary artists

Here’s a mouth-watering summer camp that lives up to its name. Camp Delicious is all about delicious food—preparing it, serving it, learning about it, and most of all, eating it.

During the five days of camp, teens will gain new skills and confidence to create meals, discover new flavors and gain independence in the kitchen. Throughout the week, campers trace the path from earth to plate, with visits to community gardens and markets. Young chefs will touch and harvest vegetables and experience the rich scent of soil and sunshine that build the food.

Under the guidance of some of Pittsburgh’s most notable chefs and widely respected nutritionists, campers will learn how to turn nature’s raw ingredients into flavorsful meals that appeal to all the senses. They will train their palates to appreciate the many distinctive flavors of herbs and spices.

By week’s end, the campers will have blossomed in their abilities to prepare and appreciate real food; they will return to their own home kitchens with the skills and knowledge to create delectable meals for their own families.

About the Director

Our directors and instructors are experienced chefs and nutritional specialists who enjoy working with young people and believe in our mission of providing unique learning experiences that help to develop a life-long love for the culinary arts by focusing on the enjoyment of food.

In addition to teaching essential cooking skills like chopping, grilling and sautéing, our instructors work with students to gently encourage healthy and nutritional eating habits, discover new flavors and gain confidence to improvise in the kitchen. Under the guidance of our culinary professionals, teens will learn organizational skills, team work and cooperation in the kitchen.