Luminari TV Shows


Teen Writer: Fantastic Fiction

In this half-hour video, Luminari’s Teen Writer! Director, Gina Catanzarite, shares advice on overcoming flat, one-dimensional fiction. From creative writing prompts to innovative tips to infuse your fiction with unique details, Teen Writer! is a fun way to take your stories from just fine to fabulous!

Segments include: The most powerful creative writing prompt there is, Asking What if…? to get those creative juices flowing and fill your pages with one-of-a-kind storylines; Discover innovative ways to depict your story’s setting with rich and specific descriptions – and it all starts with indulging your five senses; Use just the right verb to describe everything from exhilarating action sequences to dramatic heartfelt moments in your plot, and your fiction will come alive life in the readers’ imagination; What Does It Mean to be Culturally Curious: Educators help teens understand what it means to be “culturally curious” with easy-to-understand methods to explore and appreciate cultural traditions and viewpoints.

Speak & Tell: Teens Guide to Public Speaking

In this half-hour video from Luminari, you will learn tips and techniques for Public Speaking.

Segments include: Command the Stage with Proper Body Language: Whether you’re nervous about public speaking or already comfortable in front of a crowd, body language reveals a lot about you and the message you’re sharing; Overcoming Stage Fright: Who better to help you get over your fear of public speaking than people who do it every day for a living, Professional broadcasters; Focus Your Message for Effective Public Speaking: Emmy-award winning broadcaster and public speaker, Michael Bartley shares his advice for structuring a speech, and backing up talking points with research, to ensure your message has maximum impact; Build Confidence to Learn a New Language:  Educator Mandy Fong helps to create a comfort level with learning a complex new language with this fun introduction to the most commonly spoken language on the planet, Chinese.