Teen Ambassadors: In Their Own Words

By Molly Potts

On the first day of camp, when I walked into the Heinz History Center, I was nervous, and I did not know what to expect. Coming out of camp now, I do not feel like I have been totally changed. What I think happened was my brain got a little fuller, and I learned a really important value. That value is fearlessness. Do not be afraid to ask questions and interact because that is the way you will truly learn by questioning, discussing, and seeing different points of view.

The ‘I want to be an Ambassador’ Camp is definitely a camp full of experiences and interesting people. From getting an understanding of the refugee crisis, to learning about cultural traditions and food, to our Cold War Cuban Missile Crisis negotiation simulation, there is so much I have learned. The simple skills we were taught can end up being major. Even from meeting the wise man in the Moroccan restaurant to learning about the positions of diplomats and ambassadors I have gotten a better understanding of what these people are actually doing and the impact their actions have on us. I have also learned from my fellow campers who showed helpfulness and leadership throughout the last week.

I do not know what my future is going to be yet but that’s okay. I just want to continue questioning, discussing, experiencing, and expanding upon what I learned right here. And maybe one day, I can have a positive impact on the world in whatever career I choose too. So thank you to everyone who made this camp all that it was.


Molly Potts, 13, is a rising Eighth grader at the Campus School of Carlow University.