Month: November 2016

What’s That Sound: Yaybahar

by Beth Dolinar, Luminari Coordinator In each issue of LUMOS!, we offer a regular series about the unique and unusual (and sometimes downright strange) instruments we’ve never heard. And since we can’t really understand an instrument until we’ve heard it

Your GPS to Health: Greens, Dried Plums and Squash

by Lisa Silberg, Personal Chef and Co-Director of Camp Delicious! The holidays are here and for many of us that means finding the willpower to avoid all those delicious temptations – like when a co-worker brings in a plate of

A Tale of Self-Driving Cars and Horse-Drawn Buggies

by Beth Dolinar, Luminari Coordinator We Pittsburghers are getting a glimpse of the future not yet available to those in other places. Google’s self-driving cars are out and about every day, mapping our streets and working out the bugs so

Speak Up: Lessons from Public Speaking Camp

by Judi Rosen, Parent of 2016 Speak & Tell! camper How often do any of us get to learn a life skill? How many times have you had an idea, but not the tools to express it? For as much