Month: July 2019

Taking a look back at Summer 2019

Take a look back at our 2019 Teen Ambassadors’ journey from Pittsburgh to Washington DC. Thank you to all of our sponsors and supporters for making this program possible and a special THANK YOU to all of our 2019 campers

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2019 Teen Chef in his own Words

bu Duncan Dockstader, 2019 Camp Delicious! Teen Camp Delicious is an amazing camp that has made me want to come back every year. During the camp, you are exposed to new food styles, new recipes, and new tastes that you

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2019 Teen Ambassadors in their own Words

ALINA: Thinking about my future job really scares me. What if I can’t decide what I want to be and what if I choose something that I later find out I don’t like? My name is Alina Zaidi and I’m

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2019 Teen Speakers in their own Words

DAVID: Politics: Why It’s Important Politics. When someone talks about the new law that was passed, the tensions between countries or the debate that was on TV. Do you stop and listen? Or do you simply roll your eyes and

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