Music Makers Celebrate Successful Launch

Music Makers! Celebrates Successful Launch in Summer 2023

by Bob McCutcheon,  Owner and President, The Vault Recording Studio and Music Makers! Summer Camp Director

Music has always been a part of my life. After purchasing my first “real” electric guitar at 15, I played in various rock bands throughout high school. While I enjoyed live performance, something always seemed missing from that experience. Over time, we shifted away from playing cover songs and started writing our own original music. 

It wasn’t until I bought my first 4-track cassette recorder in my sophomore year of college that a whole new creative world opened for me.   I was immediately inspired by the creative process of multi-track recording and proceeded to build my first recording studio in my mother’s basement and garage. My journey into the recording arts had begun.

What inspired me even more than the process of making music was the idea that I could play a unique role in the creative process of much more music, across all different genres, with so many more artists and musicians. I learned to appreciate talented artists of all styles.  Being in the recording studio was a magical place.

After graduating from college with a business degree, I pursued a career in finance and accounting that lasted nearly 28 years and took me all over the world.  I got married and raised a family, but I never lost my interest in music, and I always had some form of recording studio in my home. As my children’s interest in music expanded, so did my renewed interest in building a commercial studio. In 2016, The Vault Recording Studio was born.

After the loss of our oldest son Ryan at the age of 19, we established The Rhythm19 Fund in his memory. Today The Vault and The Rhythm19 Fund are at the heart of everything we do. “Music Makers” is a crucial element in our goal of sharing our story and providing greater access to music and art to children and teens.

We are excited that you are joining us this summer. While you may not immediately become a Grammy-winning producer, you will most certainly begin a journey that could potentially lead you there some day. Our goal is to give you exposure  to a world-class recording facility, a chance to meet our award-winning team, and an opportunity to learn a broad set of basic skills that will allow you to continue your creative journey.

We look forward to hearing all the new, cool, and creative ideas from the Music Makers Class of 2023!