Meet our 2024 Luminari Award Scholars

Luminari, a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit organization, proudly celebrates the winners of its 12th annual merit scholarship essay contest: the Luminari Award and the Luminari ESL Award. These prestigious accolades revolve around students’ perspectives on diplomacy.

  • The Luminari Award contest is open to students in schools throughout our region. 
  • The Luminari ESL Award specifically targets students in the English as a second language (ESL) program of the Allegheny Intermediate Unit.

Let’s meet our outstanding scholars:

Julia Antunes, a 9th grader at Mt. Lebanon High School, is the 2024 Luminari Award scholar. Julia shares her excitement: “I’m honored to be selected as a Luminari Scholar! With my multicultural background, I’ve always been deeply passionate about diplomacy. I can’t wait to participate in the I Want to be an Ambassador! camp this summer, where we’ll explore how to unite people from diverse backgrounds and work together for a better future.”


Our 2024 Luminari ESL Award scholar is Sofiia Lutsiv, a 10th-grade student at Carlynton High School, who was born in Ukraine. Her favorite subjects in school are history and Spanish. Sofiia is creative and enjoys to paint, sing, dance,  read and bake in her spare time. Sofiia expresses her interest in diplomacy and learning about different cultures. She explains, “I have several goals. First, I plan to join the Air Force. Next, my goal is to go to university and receive degrees to become an investigator!”

Both scholars will enjoy an all-expenses-paid admission to the I Want to be an Ambassador! camp, held in Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C., from June 11 to 19, 2024. This immersive experience will empower them to engage in everyday diplomacy, fostering a more harmonious world.

Congratulations to Julia, Sofia, and all the passionate students who applied to our teen ambassador camp this year! For more information or to apply for the I Want to be an Ambassador! camp, visit