Teen Ambassador Jaiden on exploring the world

Teen Ambassadors Kristina Rajakovich (left), Jaiden Mazefsky (center), and Kailee Monaghan (right) pose for a selfie at a display in the Newseum.

By Jaiden Mazefsky, Teen Ambassador 2017

As a 16-year-old girl, I have not traveled to very many places around the globe. I have not been overseas and have not yet experienced the world outside the United States. Of course, I have always been curious to understand different cultures and encounter the customs of other countries. The trip to Washington D.C. was eye opening for me because, although I remained within my own country’s borders, I got to see the way ambassadors of foreign countries live and work. I was introduced to the technology, art, cultures and the current events of areas such as Japan and Russia. A diplomat from each country showed me and the other students the most important things happening in the countries that that they represented.

After this experience, I strongly believe ambassadors are crucial to today’s society because it is important for all of us to learn what goes on in other countries and how their lives differ from our own. I have always been interested in politics, history and learning about the major current events happening in the world. Now, I can better understand them using the information I learned on this trip. I now see the more specific ways that different countries interact with each other and I can hopefully use this skill to help solve problems.

I very much enjoyed this amazing opportunity, and I hope that someday I can actually travel to these countries and see their beauty with my own eyes.