Teen Ambassador Kristina on being open to new experiences

Teen Ambassadors Jaiden Mazefsky (left) and Kristina Rajakovich (left) arm wrestle during a nonverbal communication session in Pittsburgh.

By Kristina Rajakovich, Teen Ambassador 2017

My dream has always been to pursue some type of career in foreign policy or government because of my love for learning about history, current events and the United State’s relations with other countries.

Through participating in the I Want to be an Ambassador camp, I have grown closer to achieving my dream. This amazing experience opened my eyes to the inner workings of diplomats and the jobs of embassies through touring both the Japanese and Russian embassies in Washington D.C. Visiting the embassies was a unique experience because we were able to tour the beautiful art and architecture of each culture and we were able to listen to real diplomats explain the difficulties of their jobs and their responsibilities.

The trip to the Newseum also opened my eyes because it sparked my interest to a career in journalism and reporting, which I never really thought of before. During the camp, I was introduced to many current event subjects affecting the world like the refugee crisis and the Ukrainian conflict and through learning about those subjects, I have a better understanding of the world. This camp also has supplied me with the skills needed to prosper in not just a career in foreign policy but in any future career. These skills include conflict resolution, negotiation, and critical thinking which will be useful in any future endeavor. Overall, this camp was an opportunity for me to broaden my thinking of the world, experience new foods and cultures, and to make new connections and friends.

Hopefully, I will be able to use this opportunity and the skills that I have learned in my future education in international studies, career in foreign policy, and traveling the world to encounter new experience and cultures.