Teen Ambassador Jeramaya on the keys to diplomacy

Teen Ambassador Jeramaya Gramby presents a thank you gift to diplomat Alexander Pchelyakov at the Embassy of Russia.

By Jeramaya Gramby, Teen Ambassador 2017

Luminari has taught me that there are many forms of diplomacy, including negotiation skills, gift giving, being welcoming and being open to new ideas. It showed me the true meaning of diplomacy, and helped me to enjoy new experiences, such as meeting new people, exploring the Newseum and learning more in three hours about history than a week of intense research, seeing different groups and cultures, understanding the true meaning of freedom of speech, touring and asking about the Japanese and Russian embassies and learning the true freedom percentage of America (1 percent above the yellow), connecting and listening to local business leaders and listening to the motivational stories of others.

But they would not be possible without my friends Aniya, Sophia, Hannah, Jesus, Zane, Kaiya, Sophia, Max, Adam, Max, Sean, Jaiden, Christina, and Kailee. I would also like to thank my family for getting me in and encouraging me to be here. The quote that I’ll end with is “No one is sent by accident to anyone” by A Course in Miles. None of my glorious friends were sent to me on accident, nor was I to you guys. Thank You!