Teen Writer Haley on Fiction Camp

Teen Writer Haley Dubovecky reflects on her days at camp.

By Haley Dubovecky, Teen Writer 2016 & 2017

For the last two summers, I have attended the Luminari Fiction Writing Camp. And over those two years I have learned an incredible amount, made so many lasting friendships, and have learned to discover writing again in a new light each year.

At the camp not only do you cover basics and new material, but you do it in a way that makes you excited to write and learn. It is a very hands-on experience, walking around to find material and to see the world’s smaller details. Because of this camp I have been to places I probably never would have gone such as Heinz Chapel, and learned many activities to benefit me for years to come in creative-and even graded writing in school, or in my spare time.

Although you might not finish writing a book in the four days you’re there, you’ll gain the necessary tools to view the world as a writer and notice the smaller details of life along with the larger ones. I know they will have a hard time getting rid of me because I adore this camp and hope to attend for as long as I possibly can.