Teen Speaker Avi on Pessimism

Avi Rosen presents his speech at the Speak & Tell! Camp closing ceremony.

Pessimism by Avi Rosen, Teen Speaker

Have you ever thought pessimism was bad? It’s not. It can prepare you for tragedy and provides foresight in extreme situations. If someone you know dies you’ll be prepared, if you’re pessimistic. It wouldn’t be as unexpected. Also, if you’re in an extreme situation such as a sinking boat, you can probably foresee a whale will eat you.

 There are definite ways that pessimism is better than optimism. A third reason is that you’re never disappointed. An example of this is if you’re going to your favorite music groups concert. Since you’re a pessimist you expect something bad to happen. If it rains out you won’t be disappointed.

Even if it doesn’t rain, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. If you originally thought pessimism was bad, I hope you’ll consider how good it can be.