Spread Kindness through Social Distancing

Here are some fun ideas for sharing love and compassion without physical contact:

  1. Reach out to neighbors and consider setting up a group chat  – to communicate with each other and do wellness check-ins if needed
  2. Make a playlist and send it to a friend; share your top 5 podcasts; recommend a list of your favorite TED talks
  3. Write a letter and mail it to friend (The Lost Art of Letter Writing: https://www.luminari.org/2019/01/18/the-lost-art-of-letter-writing/)
  4. Call a relative or friend on the phone – as a wellness check-in or just to chat
  5. Video chat with family or friends/start a weekly video chat book club
  6. Do you have extra food or supplies? Donate some to elderly neighbors or your local food pantry
  7. Leave a thank you note for mail carriers and package delivery drivers
  8. Start a text chain to share inspiration or something funny during these trying times with others in your contact lists
  9. Take an online class and write a blog about your new skills (publish it on the Luminari Blog: https://www.luminari.org/about-luminari/blog/)
  10. It’s important to remember words have power. As we talk about COVID19 to our friends and family and on Social Media, let’s avoid words like apocalypse or doomsday to reduce mass hysteria, as well as descriptors, modifiers or adjectives to distinguish it from other coronaviruses, which leads to xenophobic and racist targeting (see https://www.aaja.org/guidance_on_coronavirus_coverage for guidance on sharing on social media)
  11. CONSUME and SHARE only news from RELIABLE sources
  12. What are your suggestions for spreading love and compassion through social distancing?

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