Camp Delicious! 2019 Video

Rediscover the joy of cooking and eating with a delightful (& delicious) retrospective. Video by Ash Warren

“Experts” touting various kinds of diets continue to bombard us with their views of what we should or should not be eating. Some do give sound advice, but many are misinformed or directly contradict what they formerly hyped. Taken together, this jumble of contradictory information often confuses us and, even more disturbing, causes us to literally and figuratively, lose our appetites!

As someone who comes from Hong Kong, a Cantonese culture where people “live to eat” and enjoy a wide range of foods and flavors, I know eating is a joy.

And so, I am on a mission to bring the focus of eating back to where it belongs: the pleasure of preparing and enjoying food! That is the heart of Camp Delicious, which celebrates different cuisines, ingredients and culinary approaches; reminds us how to nourish a healthy body and mind; broadens our understanding of the world; and exposes us to a kaleidoscope of cultures.

Camp Delicious takes us on a wonderful excursion to rediscover the joy of cooking and eating. I am so pleased that you have joined us on this delightful (and delicious) journey!

Bon Appétit,

Hilda Pang Fu
Founder and President, Luminari