A Day in the Life of a Hospital

Team of doctors putting oxygen mask on a male senior patient face in the hospital

By Aditya Patel

Beep, Cough, Sneeze are noises I hear each day.

Life was normal until about 3 months ago.

I feel tired from all the weight of all the beds and ventilators.

I look around all my floors, every nook and corner,

and see doctors, nurses, patients, and families deep in sorrow trying as hard as they can.

It was a little virus that was supposed to go away, right?

But fate turned it otherwise!

Somedays I feel tired,

 and the world’s weight on my shoulders.

But I see a tiny ray of hope in a big shadow.

A firefly in the night sky!

I see determination and love filling the air.

I am proud of all my children (Healthcare workers) for risking their lives right here every day.

This too shall pass.

It has been 3 months since…

I am feeling relieved,

and sane.

A cure for the devil’s spirit has been found.

I see butterflies in the air,

 and families coming out of their homes.

Hugs, Kisses, Tears, and Joy.

We all fought together and took down this beast.

Now I sleep comfortably,

knowing the next time, “we will be ready”.


About the author: My name is Aditya Patel. I am 14 years old. I am an 8th grader and I attend school at South Fayette Middle School. I love to watch and play a lot of sports. Some of my favorites are tennis, basketball, and soccer. I like to travel around the world with my family and have traveled to countries such as Mexico, India, and England. I also like to read books and some of my favorites are the Harry Potter and I Survived Series . I hope you enjoy my poem. I look forward to writing more in the future.