NOW SHOWING: Luminari 2020 Summer Camps

Summer 2020 turned out much different than anyone expected with closures and cancellations sending many parents, families and organizations into uncharted territory as they look for alternative summer activities – and although nothing compares to real-life, in-person summer camp experiences – we hope that providing dynamic, fun and free videos online will help to keep teens motivated, engaged and entertained throughout the summer and beyond.

From the art of diplomacy and public speaking to cooking and creative writing, Luminari has retooled its four in-person camps into a series of dynamic educational videos presented by leading experts.

Each video features instructive segments, demonstrations, lectures and hands-on activities that young people can do wherever they are! Guest appearances include: Pittsburgh broadcasters Michelle Wright, Michael Bartley, Sally Wiggin and Andrew Stockey; chefs Roger Levine, Will Tolliver and Edwin Smith; World Affairs Council educator Kathleen Newell; Global Minds Initiative program director Suad Yusuf; Chinese language educator Mandi Fong; and Emmy-Award winning producer/writer Gina Catanzarite.

Educators are you looking for additional resources for your classroom or program? Download Luminari’s free, printable lesson plans and worksheets created by our Experts to promote curiosity and engage your students.

Luminari is determined to do its part to engage, inspire, and reassure our region’s families during this distressing time. While we may need to be physically distant from one and other, we believe it is vital to stay socially connected and mentally stimulated – and Luminari’s free original educational video series is sure to provide high-quality enrichment for young people so they can build skills that will last a lifetime!

I Want to be an Ambassador! Online
This unique camp teaches teens the vital art and skill of diplomacy, and it helps emerging leaders see how they may use these skills to solve problems in everyday life. Discover strategies to communicate, collaborate and explore other cultures, and then use these new skills to inspire others and drive positive change!

Speak & Tell! Online
This confidence-boosting camp teaches teens to take command during a speech and captivate audiences with their message. Experts provide strategies to overcome common fears of public speaking; demonstrate effective body language; help teens focus their message; and reveal techniques to relax before and during a speech.  Say goodbye to stage fright and let your voice be heard!

Camp Delicious! Online
Learn all about preparing, serving, and experimenting with delicious foods and new flavors! Plenty of cooking programs exist but this camps speaks directly to teens, inspiring young chefs and helping “foodies” develop confidence and independence in the kitchen.

Teen Writer! Online
Forget flat, one-dimensional fiction and give readers a story that will stick with them long after they finish the last page! From creative writing prompts to innovative tips to infuse your fiction with unique details, Teen Writer! is a fun way to take your stories from just fine to fabulous!