A Mission for Your Dreams

Turn dreams and goals into action

by Don Laird, Contributing Writer

Goals and dreams give us hope and make life interesting and worth living. Indeed, they are a wellspring of everlasting motivation and meaning, and they illuminate balance in a seemingly unbalanced world. Naturally, realizing your goals and dreams requires action.

There can be many self-generated excuses as to why your goals might be “impractical” or “have to wait.” Yet, your dreams wait, ever-patient, ever hopeful. Here are a few thoughts that might turn your excuses into accomplishments and help you reach the potential of your life’s project or mission:

  1. What do I really want? What gives me a sense of connection, purpose and meaning? What is my “calling?” Do I possess talents and abilities that I have told myself are not practical or unimportant? 
  2. How will I get there? What do I need to connect the dots between Point A and Point B? I should map out the first steps for  my journey, while challenging negative self-talk and caustic self-beliefs. To avoid struggling with frustration and uncertainty. I need a plan.
  3. What if my dream is already happening? Can I picture it now? Successful performers, sports figures and entrepreneurs report they are able to visualize their achievements far in advance. The use of positive visualization does not automatically make my dreams or goals come true, but it does provide a healthy nutrient for the soil in which my achievements can take root.
  4. What can I control? Staying focused on my goals and dreams without allowing others to interfere will be difficult at times, but not impossible. I will NOT allow others to dictate or influence my goals and aspirations. Becoming caught in the opinions of others is the proverbial pin in my goal balloon. I will remain in the present, knowing that only I can control my reactions and thoughts to what is happening at this very moment.
  5. What if I fail? Every journey will have its share of stormy weather. I will treat any rejection or misstep as a learning moment toward realizing my dream and goal. I believe that most everyone will regret what they DIDN’T do in life versus what they did do.
  6. Is it even realistic? I will be persistent and flexible. I know that I will have to “roll with the punches” from time to time. Perhaps I will even be surprised about what I discover on my journey
  7. No time like the present! I will tend to my dreams and goals starting today. Your journey can and will begin with a first, small step.


Don Laird, NCC, LPC, DCC, is a Licensed Professional Counselor with more than 16 years of experience providing psychotherapy and counseling to adults, teens and couples who are struggling with a wide range of mental health and life issues. Don is a writer and adjunct professor who teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in professional counseling and psychology at Carlow University. Additionally, he facilitates workshops and classes in dreams, creativity, self growth, and stress reduction.