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2019 Teen Speakers in their own Words

DAVID: Politics: Why It’s Important Politics. When someone talks about the new law that was passed, the tensions between countries or the debate that was on TV. Do you stop and listen? Or do you simply roll your eyes and

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The Dynamic Duo: Introducing Speak & Tells! Co-directors

Speak and Tell Camp's Dynamic Duo

By Sheila Hyland, Operations Manager, Luminari WTAE-TV’s top-rated morning news anchor Michelle Wright is almost never at a loss for words.  Until recently.  What do you say when a priceless work of art, a crystal bowl created specifically as the

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Speak & Tell! Teens in their Own Words

Enjoy some of the speeches from our 2018 Speak & Tell! teens:   Gaiatri Potdar on Painting Good afternoon, my name is Gaiatri, and I would like to talk to you about my passion, painting. I love painting because it

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Public Speaking 101

Winston Churchill once said, “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak, and to sit down and listen.”  Today we spend more and more time communicating with each other through texts, emails, snaps, and tweets than actually speaking

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