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Teen Speaker Avi on Pessimism

Pessimism by Avi Rosen, Teen Speaker Have you ever thought pessimism was bad? It’s not. It can prepare you for tragedy and provides foresight in extreme situations. If someone you know dies you’ll be prepared, if you’re pessimistic. It wouldn’t

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Teen Speaker Julia on the Universe

By Julia Stern, Teen Speaker 2017 Have you ever wondered, how did we all get here? For thousands of years, people have asked questions about our existence. What is our universe? How big is it? Are we living in a

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Teen Writer Haley on Fiction Camp

By Haley Dubovecky, Teen Writer 2016 & 2017 For the last two summers, I have attended the Luminari Fiction Writing Camp. And over those two years I have learned an incredible amount, made so many lasting friendships, and have learned

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Teen Ambassador Jeramaya on the keys to diplomacy

By Jeramaya Gramby, Teen Ambassador 2017 Luminari has taught me that there are many forms of diplomacy, including negotiation skills, gift giving, being welcoming and being open to new ideas. It showed me the true meaning of diplomacy, and helped me

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Teen Ambassador Sean on youth leadership

By Sean Graves, Teen Ambassador 2017 “Whatever you are, be a good one.” – Abraham Lincoln This quote pertains to every single one of us in this room, both campers and adults. My fellow campers and I are interested in

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Teen Ambassador Jaiden on exploring the world

By Jaiden Mazefsky, Teen Ambassador 2017 As a 16-year-old girl, I have not traveled to very many places around the globe. I have not been overseas and have not yet experienced the world outside the United States. Of course, I

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Teen Ambassador Kristina on being open to new experiences

By Kristina Rajakovich, Teen Ambassador 2017 My dream has always been to pursue some type of career in foreign policy or government because of my love for learning about history, current events and the United State’s relations with other countries.

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