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Step into History while it’s being made with Ambassador Camp Director Susan Brozek Scott

Ambassador Camp Step into History while it is being made

It has been ten years since Hilda Fu’s vision took root as Luminari. It started with one extraordinary and enriching camp for teens and has blossomed into a highly sought-after summer program. I Want to be an Ambassador! Director Susan

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My first year as a Teaching Assistant

by Nikki Wall, I Want to be an Ambassador!, Teaching Assistant In June 2017, my career aspirations were about to reach an important crossroads. As a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh, I was extremely eager to gain real-work experience

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Change Maker Q&A: Rick Sebak

by Beth Dolinar, Luminari Coordinator and Speak & Tell! Director It would be difficult to think about public television in Pittsburgh—or about Kennywood, hot dogs, pies or Pittsburgh history—without picturing Rick Sebak. For going on 30 years, Sebak has been

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Meet our 2017 Luminari Award Scholars

by Beth Dolinar, Luminari Coordinator and Speak & Tell! Director  Time is fast approaching for Luminari’s 2017 “I Want to be an Ambassador!” Camp. Among the participants this year will be the winners of the 2017 Luminari Awards. The essay

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Cultural Conversations with Dalel Khalil

At Luminari, we value knowledge, education and open-mindedness while advocating for compassion and kindness toward others. Our programs and actions are guided by our mission of fostering a more enlightened citizenry through cultural understanding and thoughtful conversation. In that spirit,

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Change Makers Q & A: Angelica Ocampo

by Beth Dolinar, Luminari Coordinator, Speak & Tell! Director In my role as Coordinator for Luminari, I meet some fascinating people who are doing important things for the Pittsburgh region. For each issue of LUMOS!, I will feature a Q &

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