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Building A Winning Team

by Hilda Pang Fu, President and Founder, Luminari It’s a very exciting year for Luminari—a milestone moment as we celebrate our 10th anniversary as an organization that offers inspiring and innovative programs for teens and youth in our community. We …

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Grateful to live in the Present

by Sheila Hyland, Operations Manager, Luminari Within the past week, my 18-year-old son lamented the state of the United States while his 91-year-old uncle lamented that he had been born 50 years too early.  Why the dichotomy?  Because my son …

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Monterey Bay Fish Grotto

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You’re Never Too Old to Learn a New Language

by Gina DeMarco Wall, former Director of the I Want to be an Ambassador! Camp (2010) and current camp instructor In my role as a supervisor for English as a Second Language (ESL) at the Allegheny Intermediate Unit, I give …

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Back seat driving

by Beth Dolinar, Contributing Writer We’ve reached a point where back seat drivers are moving out of the back seat. Maybe they should never have been called back seat drivers to begin with. For most of us, the nagging about …

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Home Sweet Home

By Cindi Lash, writer After spending much of my life in my beloved Pittsburgh, I’m putting down new roots these days 600 miles to the west in St. Louis, where I moved a few months ago for family reasons. This …

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What’s That Sound? The Pepa

by Beth Dolinar, Luminari Coordinator It’s not easy to find a pepa horn in India these days, and it’s even harder to find a young person to play it. The pepa is a hornpipe with roots in the Assam region …

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Look for the Helpers

  By Christy Gualtieri The hurricane had been raging for hours.  We couldn’t see very much outside on account of the plywood boards my parents had put up to stop the windows from blowing in; but from what I could …

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Hello Neighbor: Q&A with Clea Angell

Our Game Changer this time is Clea Angell, a Ben Avon resident who is reaching across cultural lines to make a friendly connection with a Syrian family who came to Pittsburgh as refugees. She met the Alali  family through a …

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